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Central Pkwy- 1926 Design Plan - A - Dwg Title Block
Central Parkway S1004280_1200
Central Parkway S1004283_1200
Central Parkway S1004254_1200
Central Parkway S1004284_1200
Central Parkway S1004247_1200
Central Parkway S1004260_1200
Central Parkway S1004270_1200
Central Pkwy- 1926 Design Plan - 1 -Sycamore to Main
Central Pkwy- 1926 Design Plan - 5 - Mohawk Pl to Brighton
Central Pkwy- 1926 Design Plan - 7 - Ludlow Intersection
Central Pkwy- 1926 Design Plan - 6 -Brighton to Ludlow
Central Pkwy- 1926 Design Plan - 4 - Liberty to Mohawk Pl
Central Pkwy- 1926 Design Plan - 2 - Main to 12th
Central Pkwy- 1926 Design Plan - 3 - 12th to Liberty

The City of Cincinnati has commissioned preliminary engineering design services as the first step in the process to plan, design, and implement improvements to the section of Central Parkway from Plum Street to Liberty Street for the purpose of reconnecting Downtown, OTR and the West End. 


The project site, along with adjacent areas, has significantly changed over the last several decades, resulting in changes in neighborhood populations, traffic patterns, special events and business growth. Some of the recent and most significant investments and ancillary projects to impact the area include:

  • The Connector, a streetcar that runs between OTR and Cincinnati’s Central Business District

  • TQL Stadium

  • Music Hall Renovation

  • Findlay Market

  • Washington Park


Based on the development and investments made in the last decade from The Banks to Findlay Market, the Central Parkway project will help to link the contiguous downtown neighborhoods.


Throughout the study, the City of Cincinnati will also be sensitive to understanding how the corridor evolved from the earliest days of the city and the impact it had and continues to have on the neighborhoods. Central Parkway played a significant role in the development of transportation in the rich history of Cincinnati, therefore, re-establishing Central Parkway’s initial vision and development potential will be a key component of the project. Consequently, we will incorporate an evaluation of the environmental impacts and benefits of the project, including historic sites and districts.  

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