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DOTE will develop the plan to improve the north-south section of Central Parkway between Plum and Liberty streets using ODOT’s five-phase Project Development Process. The Project is currently in the Planning Phase of the plan.


The Planning Phase focuses on:

  • Identifying transportation problems

  • Assessing existing and future conditions

  • Identifying community members to provide input

  • Gathering public input

  • Determining project scope, purpose, and goals

  • Identifying project schedule and budget


In the coming months, the project team will schedule and announce opportunities for the public, which will include an online survey, in-person and virtual public open houses, to contribute their input on the project.


The remaining parts of the ODOT Project Development Process include:

  • Preliminary Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Final Engineering and right-of-way acquisition (if necessary)

  • Construction

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A key part of the Preliminary Engineering phase is to investigate issues in the area and gather community input to identify and evaluate possible design alternatives.


Upon its completion, DOTE will use the results of the preliminary design investigation to identify a Preferred Alternative for detailed design.


Preliminary design investigations will continue through the end of 2023. Before the preliminary design is finalized, a public meeting will be held to share the results of this phase of work and recommendations of a Preferred Alternative for public review. The public will be invited to share their input before a Preferred Alternative is selected for eventual construction.


Once a Preliminary Preferred Alternative is identified, the project will advance into detailed design.

Please view the Preliminary Preferred Alternative here.

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Below is the project's tentative schedule:

Preliminary design, cost estimates, and public engagement

9 months

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16 months

 Final design and engineering

12 months

During construction, DOTE expects the traffic impact for motorists to be minimal. DOTE construction management staff will always be on site during construction and will coordinate construction activity with all bordering property owners, businesses and operators, and residents as needed.

Central Parkway Crosswalk Right-627713360.jpg


The bulk of project planning and related work (such as detailed engineering, property acquisition and utility relocations) cannot be completed until a Preferred Alternative has been identified. Following identification of the preferred alternative, the bulk of construction will be performed shortly after designs are finalized and will be completed over the course of a 16-month period.

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